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We are 6 ESC volunteers living in Ficana, Macerata. These are our stories.

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Ciao a tutti! Well, we know it has been a while but we really wanted to tell you all about our Halloween night, right here in Ficana. Our celebrations started at lunch, with homemade personalised pizza. Let’s all thank Petra for doing the dough the night before, it was delicious! We’ll put the recipe below!Continua a leggere “BoOoOo”

Getting dirty!

Ciao! So last Thursday, once again, we had a big day in the Nuovi Amici orto! Antonietta, like always, gave us a lot of tasks in order to prepare for the winter time. When the cold comes, not many vegetables will survive. Therefore, we needed to clean it and take out all the plants thatContinua a leggere “Getting dirty!”


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